Scholarship Applications

Scholarship Applications

Zebra consultancy is focused on creating life changing opportunities for international students most of which are coming from underdeveloped countries. we have managed to secure a wide range of scholarships for our ambitious students who have a dream to change the world. We have record of over 150 scholarships issued for the past 3 years to students from different countries. we offer partial and full scholarships ranging from 25% to 100% on tuition.

Zebra consultancy is the most trusted scholarship agent in the market with over 20 100% scholarships and 30 partial scholarships offered during the last 2 semesters. We offer a wide range of tuition discounts and funding opportunities for international students from all over the world. these scholarships are on offered on tuition only and it allows a student to focus much on their careers without worrying about the cost of their studies.

There are academic merit scholarships that are awarded to brilliant students after a year of studying at Cyprus international university. Sportsmanship scholarships are also available to those with national level certificate.

Types Of Scholarships

  • Full scholarships

These are scholarships offered to students who are willing to study engineering programs in Cyprus only. the scholarship will only cover tuition. NOTE: accommodation and travelling expenses are not covered by the scholarships

  • Partial scholarships

 These are discounts given by the universities and ranges from 25% to 75% of tuition fees. the scholarship will only cover tuition fees and accommodation is sponsored by the applicant.

To find out more about these scholarships, fill the form below and submit your details, we will get back to you 

Scholarship Application Form

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